How it Works

Shared Services

You will share with us our professional team members. We match you with our highly trained international professionals who have been honed in transcontinental work ethic and best practices. The advantage over project freelancers is that they will be working with you on a dedicated basis, and they can be easily trained to adapt to your company culture, work style and creative signature when applicable.


Tell us what you need for your project

Give us the job description. We will check your requirement.


We provide committed professionals

We'll match you with quality assured talent to fit your project needs.


Get daily updates from your remote team

The team communicates directly with you in real-time to ensure optimum results.


We’ll manage everything in between

We’ll handle operations between you and the staff to maintain quality standards.

Comparison with other types of employment

  Montgomery Fitch Typical Employment Virtual Platforms
Time to find a great performer 0-4 Weeks 1-4 Months 1-3 Months
Recruiting Fee $0 $10-40k $0
Quality Control
Failure Rate Very low Low Very high
Pre-screened Candidates
Termination Cost None Very high None

Montgomery Fitch + Team advantages

Overall quality

+ Team members are rigorously screened not just for technical proficiency but for essential soft skills such as proactivity, ethical values, and a positive attitude in presenting a complete and holistic professional.

Risk-free trial

Each +Team member is assigned to your company based off your specified requirements. If at any time you feel that this particular arrangement does not perform optimally, we will assign a different professional to your workflow free of charge.

Reliability & flexibility

We understand the dynamics of day-to-day business and present a platform adaptable to any scope of operation. Our minimum 3-month engagements offer enough flexibility to both instantly optimize your operations and scale back on business climate and need.

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