Competitive Prices for IT Professionals

We present a team of seasoned professionals who specialize in graphic design, front and back-end development, copywriting and online marketing. They have been cross-platformed across a wide variety of demographics and cultural sensibilities, as our proprietary boarding processes make for seamless integration into any business or agency workflow.

Advanced Facilities

Modern offices based in prime areas on Manila and Melbourne. We utilise premium and dedicated internet service and a fully-redundant Gigabit Ethernet Network. We also have a secondary failover network to ensure the greatest uptime and performance of your staff.

Quality Assurance

We are dedicated to delivering the highest levels of quality assurance, backed up by an award-winning, Ivy League-trained management team that features nearly 20 years worth of technical and creative expertise.

Dedicated Offshore Staff

Montgomery Fitch + Team provides you with your own professional full time dedicated remote staff who report directly to you daily from our advanced offices in Manila, Philippines. With Montgomery Fitch + Team you can scale your organisation quickly and cost effectively with dedicated remote staff essentially becoming an extension of your own organisation.

Price Guide

Position Hourly Rate AUD* Hourly Rate USD*
Junior Developer AU $15 US $11
Intermediate Developer AU $20 US $15
Senior Developer AU $30 US $22
QA Tester AU $15 US $11
Project Manager AU $15 US $19
Web/Graphic Designer AU $20 US $15
SEO/SEM AU $20 US $15
Data Analyst/Research AU $15 US $11
Technical Support AU $15 US $11
Customer Service/Support AU $13 US $9

*Note: Pricing is a guide only and is negotiated per employee based on their unique skills and salary requirements.

Pricing includes all services: Salary, Recruitment, HR, Office Space, Facilities, Amenities, Workstation, IT equipment, IT support, Fast Internet, Accounting, Corporate Events, etc.

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